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Alternative Treatment
treatment for adderall addiction

When a person seeks help for an addiction, they can turn to treatment centers in Delaware that offer traditional treatment options. In addition, many of these centers provide alternative treatment options for those who may not respond to standard therapy.

What is Alternative Treatment?

Delaware treatment centers offer a variety of alternative therapies for treatment of addiction. They are designed to work with traditional treatment to help the person progress. They may provide additional information to the therapist or help the person work through issues.

Therapists create a treatment plan at the beginning of treatment. As they move through recovery, they may see a need to add other treatment options to help the person move past a certain point. Some people will stop progressing and even begin to move backward. These alternative addiction treatments allow the person to work through the obstacles.

Types of Programs

If you compare Delaware treatment centers, you will notice they don’t all provide the same therapies. This is the reason it’s so important to do your research and choose the one that seems the best fit for your personality, background and needs.

Art therapy – This uses various artistic techniques as part of treatment. The addict may spend time creating works of art as a way to express emotions. It can also be used by the therapist to understand the patient and provide better treatment.

Music therapy – Similar to art therapy, the patient may play or write music, but they may also just be a fan of the art. For them, their choice of music may reflect their emotions or even help them move through those feelings.

Biofeedback – This is another alternative, which uses modality to change the brainwaves. Used in addiction treatment, its purpose is to help reduce the cravings and help the person stay committed to completing treatment. It may be used in patients considered to be high risk for leaving the center before treatment is finished.

Equine therapy Horses are used as part of the treatment. The person doesn’t need previous experience with horses because all work with the animal is done from the ground. The purpose is to help the person establish a relationship of trust, which is often easier with an animal than a person. They become responsible for the care of the animal and understand that someone depends on them. It also gives them a focus other than their addiction.

Acupuncture – Some therapists prescribe it to help reduce the effects of withdrawal. This procedure also impacts the chemicals in the brain which have been altered by the addictive substance.

Some therapists use restorative yoga to treat addiction. Yoga teaches a person how to meditate and remain calm in stressful situations. This knowledge can help them deal with problems without turning to drugs or alcohol. Yoga also exercises the body, which can help them feel better physically and mentally and be less susceptible to the temptation of turning to addictive substances.

Treatment for addiction must be based on the individual. There is no “one-size-fits-all” therapy. Therapists evaluate the person and design a treatment plan that fits their needs, personality and background. They are also not afraid to make changes when one treatment is deemed to be ineffective or the person stops making progress.


Seeking Treatment

If you or a loved one is seeking treatment for addiction, research your options. Find out what treatments are offered and look for programs that use alternative addiction treatments. The best program is the one that helps you or your loved one overcome addiction. Don’t hesitate to call if you are in need of treatment.