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SMART Recovery
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SMART Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have helped millions of people recover from addiction. However, their approach of lifelong meetings and submission to a “higher power” often dissuade recovering addicts in Delaware from committing to this approach. SMART Recovery offers a more faith-based method that appeals to individuals who have difficulty accepting some of the basic concepts of AA and NA.


What Is SMART Recovery?

SMART stands for “Self-Management and Recovery Training.” It is a system to maintain sobriety after the individuals has completed a treatment program. This recovery method offers different type of insight on the process of recovery. It focuses on the practical tools and evidence-based techniques that can help individuals stay sober while they endeavor to rebuild their lives after addiction from alcohol or drugs. While AA and NA in Delaware believe that regular attendance at scheduled meetings is key to maintaining sobriety, the SMART method only requires meetings while they are deemed useful by the individual. A belief in God or a higher power is not necessary for the implementation of the method. The SMART system also support medications used to maintain treatment. These facets distinguish it from AA and other 12-step recovery systems, although they may incorporate 12-step features into the program. Like AA and NA, SMART is free to its users, but takes donations to help support its work.

The Four Goals of SMART Recovery

The SMART system attempts to set achievable goals that can assist the individual in everyday life, which include:

  • Building motivation for recovery and maintaining it on a daily basis
  • Learning ways to cope with urges
  • Self-management of feelings, urges and behaviors
  • Learning to live in a balanced way to foster sobriety

How SMART Recovery Can Help Maintain Success

The SMART system offers a more proactive approach to recovery maintenance. The idea of submitting to addiction as a disease can be a negative for some people who are recovering. In addition, the acceptance of a higher power may be a stumbling block for addicts who are not inclined toward a religious understanding of life and its problems. SMART relies on the body of scientific research that has gone on about addiction and its effects to provide reliable understanding and practical knowledge for managing cravings, urges and ambivalence about recovery. It offers a broad-based approach to building a normal life after addiction.


Benefits of the SMART Recovery Approach

Individuals who have been involved in the SMART approach have found that it has a number of benefits for recovery:

  • The system supports self-reliance and self-empowerment, which appeals to those with strongly independent personalities
  • It provides meetings that provide social support, problem solving and open discussion of the problems of dealing with addiction
  • It encourages building lives that are satisfying and enriching
  • It helps individuals learn to self-direct change in their lives
  • It supports the use of medication, when needed, and other scientifically verified methods of treating addiction
  • It acknowledges the psychological issues that may lie at the heart of addiction
  • It actively looks for new scientific information on addiction that can help its members
  • It offers a workable alternative for AA and NA, when these programs do not seem to reach the individual’s needs.


Who Can Benefit from Smart Recovery?

Anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with the traditional principles of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous can benefit from SMART Recovery. Individuals who prefer a more practical, evidence-based understanding of the problems of addictions may find the SMART system more applicable to their lives.

If you struggle with addiction in Delaware, contact a treatment facility to discuss the recovery options that can help you get your life back on track. Learn how to choose the best treatment.