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Family Therapy
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Addiction affects everyone around the addict, especially family members and those in the same household. It damages relationships and causes rifts between people. While the addict needs to seek help, many times the family members fail to realize their need for treatment as well. Family therapy exists at many Delaware treatment centers to help everyone heal from the effects of addiction

Why is Family Therapy Necessary?

An addict affects everyone around them. With their constant mood swings and need for more of the addictive substance, they can hurt and alienate family members. They often withdraw from family activities and conversation, spending more time alone. When they are around others, they may appear distracted or detached. Many times, they become angry or hostile.

An addict often loses their job and can no longer provide financial support for the family. Bills remain unpaid and everyone may even go hungry or without the basic necessities of life. What money the addict finds is spent on the substance rather than the family.

How Family Members Support Addiction

What many families fail to understand is that they often assume roles that support the addiction. They don’t aim to do this, and many are unaware of the fact, but they become enablers. Some of the roles include:

  • The hero – This person tries to make everything seem okay; they hide anything that could tell outsiders of their problem
  • The lost child – This person spends time alone and tries to stay out of everyone else’s way
  • The scapegoat – This person behaves badly around others to take the focus off the addict’s behavior
  • The mascot – Humor is the way this person deals with the addiction; they try to make others laugh in spite of their problems
  • The caretaker – Caring for the addict and everyone else is this person’s job; they try to cover up and make excuses for the addict

How Family Therapy Helps

Family therapy can help the addict heal broken relationships with family members that have been hurt in the process. In addition, it helps those family members understand addiction and deal with their own emotions and scars from the situation.

Not everyone who goes through family treatment gets back together as family. Some use this therapy to help them feel okay with moving on with their own lives. Couples may divorce or children may go to live with another parent. Therapy still benefits all parties because it brings about healing and allows everyone to move forward.

Those who attend Delaware family treatment and stay together as a family are better prepared to deal with future issues and help prevent relapse for the addict. They understand about triggers and learn positive ways they can help the addict cope with cravings or stress. At the same time, they learn how to take care of themselves and not fall back into old patterns.

In some family situations, a lack of support from family members increased the problems for the addict. Therapy teaches the family how to be more supportive and not condemning of the addict.

The goal of all family therapy is to help the addict and their family members heal from the effects of addiction. Each treatment plan is unique to the family dynamics and the individuals that are part of it. However, attending therapy as a family helps provide the addict with the support they need to continue recovery for the long term.

Get the Right Treatment

If you or a loved one has an addiction, consider attending a family treatment plan in Delaware to help all of you deal with this problem. With the right program, everyone will be stronger for the future.